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The Complete Royalty Free Music Collection

My FULL Audiojungle portfolio containing 124 music tracks in one epic pack, on sale now for the first time ever! Commercial-use royalty free license included!

Royalty Free Trailer & Background Music For YouTube, Film, Videogames And Advertising Campaigns


124 Royalty Free Epic Music Tracks

My full, best selling Audiojungle Portfolio in one epic pack!

Full Royalty Free License Included

Pay once and use forever commercial license included!

30.000+ individual
licenses sold!

Don't take our word for it! We have many happy clients!

Made by an Audiojugle ELITE!

We are one of Audiojungles top selling ELITE authors!


My name is Martijn, and I proudly stand as the creator behind The Complete Royalty Free Music Collection. For those not yet familiar with me, I’ve held the title of a top-selling composer on Audiojungle for over ten years. My extensive portfolio boasts a remarkable 30,000+ sales of royalty-free music, garnering recognition within the industry. 

Over the past 15 years, my journey in the realm of music has been one of continuous creativity and accomplishment. Notably, I’ve also contributed exclusive original compositions to esteemed trailer music labels, further solidifying my presence in the field.

My music has been used by Marvel, Disney, Breitling, Rob Zombie, McLaren Automotive, AMD, Nike and BMW, just to name a few!


Introducing “The Complete Royalty Free Music Collection” music bundle, featuring ALL of my current Audiojungle music pieces!

This music pack includes 124 epic trailers, captivating teaser tracks, impactful intro idents, as well as full-length Hollywood blockbuster-style trailer cues and background audio files. Individually licensing these items on Audiojungle would cost you over $2400, making this pack an extraordinary value!

Excluding 21% tax

Features & Demo

This music pack offers an array of musical options. Certain items within the pack even feature supplementary cuts and versions to suit diverse needs. The pack includes a complete royalty-free license certificate similar to the AudioJungle license. 

This certificate not only allows you to seamlessly integrate the music into your projects but also safeguards the rights of the original content creator. This license also serves as a means to address copyright issues, particularly in scenarios such as YouTube usage disputes. Read this for more information.

Tailored to All Creators: Whether you’re an emerging independent YouTube content creator or a seasoned professional studio, this pack is designed to cater to your needs. With an ample supply of musical content, this package offers the potential to soundtrack a full movie. All this is available at the cost of just a handful of individually licensed tracks, making this pack the ultimate solution for a wide range of creators

Excluding 21% tax

Included tracks:

124 music tracks (.wav) + 78 extra cuts and edits with an individual value of $2410, now for $125!

See what you get – Download / read the full detailed item list here!

 Dynamic action trailer
 We Will Survive
 Massive Hybrid Hollywood Trailer
 Super hero Rising Trailer
 Swagger Intro
 Paranormal Happenings Trailer
 Anti Hero Action Trailer
 Epic Hollywood Trailer
 Awaiting The Storm Trailer
 Action Intro Opener
 Action Intro
 Impact Trailer
 Destroyer Trailer Ident 
 Destroyer Trailer
 Epic Action Intro
 Dark Horror Suspense Trailer
 Dark Hero 
Epic Rock Montage Trailer
Cinematic Hollywood Trailer
Dramatic Menu Theme
Epic Action Hero Trailer
Become Legendary Trailer
Epic Aggressive Trailer
Epic Futuristic Aggressive Trailer
Epic Hybrid Hollywood Trailer
Epic Choir Hybrid Trailer
Epic Cinematic Intro
Epic Cinematic Trailer Spot
Epic Cinematic Trailer
Epic Action Trailer
Dramatic Piano Trailer
Epic Hybrid Trailer
Epic Hybrid Trailer 2
Epic Hybrid Trailer 3
Epic Hybrid Trailer Intro
Epic Cinematic Trailer Intro
Aggressive Futuristic Rising Trailer
Dark Intro Thirteen
Damaged 2
Dark Impact Trailer Intro
Death Machine
Epic Action Chase Intro
Epic Aggressive Intro
Epic Cinematic Action Trailer Opener
Epic Cinematic
Epic Hollywood Blockbuster Trailer
Epic Intense Fast Trailer
Epic Menacing Trailer Intro
Epic Movie Trailer
Epic Orchestral Heroic Trailer
Epic Orchestral Trailer Intro
Epic Rising Trailer Intro
Epic Trailer Intro Ident
Epic Trailer Sound Design
Epic Trailer
Exo Epic Trailer
Extinction Trailer
Extreme Hybrid Cinematic Intro
Extreme Sport & Action
Gates Of Hell
Hybrid Hollywood Trailer
Intense Action Horror Trailer
Intense Cinematic Trailer Music
Intense Hybrid Trailer Intro 2
Intense Hybrid Trailer Intro 4
Intense Hybrid Trailer Intro 5
Intense Hybrid Trailer Intro 6
Intense Hybrid Trailer Intro 7
Intense Hybrid Trailer Intro
Intense Hybrid Trailer Teaser
Intense Stinger Trailer Music
Juggernaut Trailer
Manhunter Trailer
Fallen Superheroes Trailer
Monster Intro
Pandemic Intro Ident
Scary Trailer Riser
Short Hybrid Trailer Intro
Sinister Trailer Ident
Terminal Velocity
The Epic Cinematic
Trailer Interceptor
Trailer Power Ident
Aggressive Trailer Intro Ident
Cinematic Trailer Intro 5
Cinematic Trailer Intro
Conflict Zone
Destroyed City
Destruction Trailer Teaser
Industrial Trailer Intro
Inspiring Uplifting Emotional Trailer
Intense Action Trailer Chase
Intense Cyber Hybrid Trailer
Intense Hybrid Trailer Intro 3
Trailer Aggressor
Intense Trailer
Tears Of Dark Trailer Intro
Throw Away Your Kisses
Trailer 2
Trailer Intro Ident 2
Trailer Intro Ident
Horror Intro Ghost
Horror Background Ambience 1
Epic Trailer Intro 5
Big Screen Blockbuster Opener
Epic Metal Logo Reveal
Epic Industrial Logo Reveal
Dark Suspense Intro Ident
Inspirational Pop Piano
Guitar Dubstep Trailer
Epic Aggressive Trailer Intro
Battlefield Aggressor
Fire In The Sky
Monster Intro Teaser
Termination Trailer 

About the license

This pack includes a single use, ongoing, non- exclusive, commercial, worldwide royalty free music license. In short, this means that each item from this pack may be used once in a commercial end product (broadcast excluded), for example a YouTube video (serie) or a video game. Royalty Free means there are no ongoing, recurring royalty payments required; pay once, use forever.

See the full license agreement here!

Allowed Uses (What You Can Do):

  • • Use each music in one application, project, or product.
  • • Incorporate the music into an audio-visual or audio-only work to create an End Product that is larger in scope and different in nature than the music alone.
  • • Use the music for specific direct playback purposes, such as background music for an event, venue, company’s on-hold system, or personal mobile ringtone.
  • • Create one End Product for a client and transfer it to them, with the license transferring as well.
  • • Modify or manipulate the music to suit your End Product, while adhering to the limitations.

Limitations on Allowed Uses (What You Can’t Do):

  • • Do not redistribute the music as a standalone item, stock, tool, template, or with source files. No re-selling allowed.
  • • Broadcasting the music is not allowed.
  • • Theatrical release of films using the music is prohibited.
  • • Public performance rights for P.R.O. Music are not included.
  • • Do not permit end users to extract and use the music separately from an End Product.
  • • You cannot claim trademark or service mark rights over the music within an End Product.
  • • Use the music for lawful purposes and avoid defamatory, obscene, demeaning, or sensitive material.

Frequently Asked Questions

The license is a legal agreement that grants you the right to use the designated musical works (Items) from this pack in your creative projects. It ensures that you have the necessary permissions to incorporate the music into your videos, films, presentations, and other content without infringing on copyright laws. The license also outlines the specific terms and conditions under which you can use the music, helping you understand the extent of your rights and responsibilities as a licensee. In essence, the license provides legal protection and clarity, allowing you to confidently integrate the music into your projects while respecting the rights of the content creator.

Without the license you also won’t be able to dispute any possible copyright notices by YouTube or other social media content ID systems like AdRev, meaning you won’t be able to monetize the end product.

Please read our Content ID & Youtube page to learn more about copyright notices.

Absolutely, you can incorporate this music into your YouTube videos.

When you receive a “matched third party content” copyright notice via YouTube for music used in your video, it’s due to YouTube’s Content ID audio detection system. This notice doesn’t necessarily indicate an issue. It simply means that YouTube has identified content owned by someone else in your video. To resolve this, you only need to inform YouTube that you have properly licensed the music and possess the rights to use it. This is where you need the license certificate that is included in your download.

Please read our Content ID & Youtube page to learn more about copyright notices.

Yes, you are permitted to monetize your YouTube clips that feature this music. Our Music Licenses cover both commercial and non-commercial usage scenarios.

Mostly yes, but there are some exceptions. Most of my music is registered with Adrev / Fuga (Contend ID), and all of my music is registered with BMI (performing rights organization). If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

This license does not permit the broadcasting of these items. However, you can obtain an individual broadcast license for the specific item you’re interested in using from my AudioJungle portfolio. This will enable you to fulfill the requirements for broadcasting usage as needed.

For the vast majority of buyers and end uses, typically no, you shouldn’t need to worry about any additional performing rights fees. Also, the license prohibits broadcasting of the items. All of my music is registered with a P.R.O. (BMI). 

Please be aware that different countries and P.R.O.s may have different rules and criteria, so if you are unsure whether your project and use is considered to be public performance, or whether you may be obligated to pay additional performing rights fees, you should contact your local P.R.O. for more information.

Yes! You still can license individual items or extended licenses via my Audiojungle portfolio!

Excluding 21% tax

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