When using any music items from this pack for a YouTube video, you might be presented with a copyright notice from a content ID system like AdRev. 

YouTube doesn’t have a way of knowing if you bought a license or not, so they will simply put a copyright notice on your video. The copyright notice only means that copyrighted music was detected in your content and you have to proof you have a license.

You or your channel won’t be in any danger, so don’t worry if you see this message. However, YouTube may start showing ads in your video. If you are a YouTube partner and monetize your videos, you will not be able to monetize on that video until the claim is removed.

Of course, if you have the license, there is nothing at all to worry about and you can easily remove the claims with your license certificate.

You can find your license certificate in the email you received after completing your purchase. Don’t have it anymore? You can re-download it on your account on this website. Simply copy the text between the “*LICENSE CERTIFICATE” handles and paste it in at the field in step 5 as shown. Check the marks, sign it and you are done!

Need our help?

If disputing a notice isn’t working out for you, please contact us via our contact form and we will handle it for you. Please always include your order number, your full name, your Youtube channel, a link to the video in question and the name of the song(s) involved. Thank you!